4 VI Girls, Inc.

Our Story

4vigirlsThe ladies of 4 VI Girls, Inc., Tricia D. Sealey, President, Tara Lewis-McFarlane, Vice President, and Colette White-Amaro, Secretary/Treasurer, along with the fabulous members of our Carnival Kaleidoscope team, would like to thank you for visiting our webpage.

4 VI Girls, Inc. is a non-profit organization which was formed in March of 2014. Our mission is simply: "To recapture the essence of our local J'ouvert celebration as it was in the past," thus, the creation of Carnival Kaleidoscope! What started out as a group of friends on a carnival trip to Trinidad & Tobago in 2014, has grown into a strong desire to share one aspect of that experience with the people of St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, and the World: J'ouvert Troupes!

We are extremely proud to have introduced the concept of J’ouvert troupes to St. Thomas Carnival in 2014 and to have done it so successfully! We are truly humbled by the love, support, advice and encouragement we have received from Virgin Islanders on-island, as well as abroad, since the launching of Carnival Kaleidoscope...Your Premier V.I. J'ouvert eXperience.

We didn't realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun!